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QuickBooks Comparison

Features Enterprise Premier Pro
Number Of Simultaneous Users Up To 30 Up To 5 Up To 3
Data File Size 1 GB Or More 200 MB Max 200 MB Max
Max Number Of Customers Up To 100000 Customers Up To 14500 Total Names Up To 14500 Total Names
Max Number Of Inventory Parts 100000 Up To 14500 Total Items Up To 14500 Total Items
Create & Email Quotes Yes Yes Yes
Create & Email Sales Orders Yes Yes No
Create & Email Invoices Yes Yes Yes
Create & Email Purchase Orders Yes Yes Yes
Optimized For Larger Datafiles And Network Usage Yes No No
Print Checks, Pay Bills And Manage Expenses Yes Yes Yes
Track Sales And Customer Payments Yes Yes Yes
Track Credit Cards Yes Yes Yes
Track Sales Taxes Yes Yes Yes
Manage Payroll, Payroll Taxes And Direct Deposits Yes Yes Yes
Set Reminders And Create To Do Lists Yes Yes Yes
One-Click Business Reports 150+ Industry Specific 150+ Industry Specific 100+ Industry Specific
Import Data From Previous Versions Of QuickBooks Yes Yes Yes
Import Data From Excel Yes Yes Yes
Download Bank And Credit Card Transactions Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Currency Capabilities Yes Yes Yes
Create A Business Plan Yes Yes No
Track Cash Flow For 6 Week Periods Yes Yes Yes
Create A Budget Yes Yes Yes
Forecast Sales And Expenses Yes Yes No
Customize Your Invoices And Other Forms Yes Yes Yes
Create Industry-Specific Reports Yes Yes No
Track Inventory, Set Reorder Points Yes Yes Yes
Create Inventory Assemblies And Bills Of Material Yes Yes No
Track Inventory In Multiple Warehouse, Serial/Lot Number Tracking, Bin Location Tracking, Bar Coding Capabilities And FIFO Costing Yes No No

QuickBooks Comparison

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